Over 4,000 participants have received Diabetes Management & Prevention Services.


Oldtimers Foundation partnered with Community and Mission Hospital of Huntington Park several years ago to address the lack of access and availability on information to affordable health care as it relates to diabetes awareness and prevention. The Oldtimers Foundation Diabetes Health Clinic was created as an alternative for those without health care access, and is often the only resource for the community to receive preventative services. Many community members are hesitant to seek health care until an illness has already become progressive. Unfortunately, due to financial hardships Community and Mission Hospital of Huntington Park was no longer able to continue sponsorship of the diabetes care center.

Oldtimers Foundation has strong ties to the community and will continue to explore funding sources to ensure that diabetes awareness, prevention, and treatment is addressed diligently without closing its doors to the community. We are currently partnered with Associated Hispanics IPA.  They are committed to providing quality care and have provided health screenings to those in need.

Preventative Health 
The goal of the center is to improve the health of individuals affected with Diabetes by taking a proactive approach in prevention. Early diagnosis reduces long term chronic illnesses. In many cases, the Latino community is hesitant to seek treatment and will resort to remedies until an illness has become chronic. In the early stages of the Diabetes Management program, 1,609 participants received access to information on how to effectively manage their diabetes including screenings and healthy dietary options.  Although Associated Hispanics is an independent organization, they share the same mission of Oldtimers Foundation to provide access to those in need while addressing cultural barriers.