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The Oldtimers Foundation formed Oldtimers Housing Development Corporation (OHDC) over 30 years ago for the development of a 150-unit senior housing residential center located in Fontana, CA. Since then, OHDC has grown to assist in developing over 450 affordable senior and family units in Los Angeles and San Bernardino County. In addition, OHDC has developed 97 units, or 11 projects with the use of HOME funds.

Oldtimers Housing Development Corporation IV (OHDC) is currently designated as a Community Housing Development Organization (CHDO) in the Cities of, Huntington Park, Fontana, South Gate and the County of Los Angeles. It is driven by a long-term vision to provide quality affordable housing to low-income seniors and families whom may otherwise not have many options for adequate shelter.

OHDC has a particular expertise in the development of infill projects through the acquisition and rehabilitation of multi-family buildings with the use of local HOME dollars.

OHDC's work is unique in that the tenants who reside in their properties have access to numerous social service programs provided by the Oldtimers Foundation and partnered organizations. These programs include nutrition services, health resources, childcare, advocacy and transportation services. This linkage between housing and social services is critical in improving the well-being of the community which we serve.

Minor Home Repair Program
The founders of Oldtimers Foundation utilized their skills as plumbers, electricians, and construction workers to provide for each other’s needs. In the spirit of serving one’s community, our Minor Home Repair program was born in the City of Fontana. It would be the beginning of a long time tradition that is now the Oldtimers Foundation. The Minor Home Repair Program assists seniors who live in their own homes and who are unable to perform minor repair work themselves. Services include plumbing, carpentry, electrical and other safety related repairs. This program is currently not available and information will be provided once it is reestablished.