Oldtimers Foundation has been able to provide service in thanks to:

Alta Dena
Associated Hispanic Physicians of Southern California
County of Los Angeles, Department of Community & Senior Services
Don Chente Bar and Grill
Elks Lodge #1415 of Huntington Park
Goya Foods
Huntington Park Chamber of Commerce
Kiwanis of Huntington Park
Meals on Wheels
Newport Farms
Trade Supplies
Rotary Club of South Gate
South Gate Chamber of Commerce
Southern California Edison
Taproot Foundation
Waste Management


We appreciate your excellent services for our community. Thank you and God bless your family and you forever.     Sincerely, Jose and Aracely G.

Thank you for what you do for the seniors.  The food is great although it is too much for senior (servings).  I like my vegetables almost raw.  Like dip them in boiling water and take them out.  Thank you.      Love, Jessie A.

I don't think I will be needing meals on wheels after Feb. 1, my grand daughter has agreed to move in with me. I can't do anything anymore except for the dishes and she's going to be here to look after me.  I want to thank you for all you've done for me. I'll send you a donation when I can. Thank you so much.    Loretta P.

Querido y appreciable grupo de Oldtimers Foundation, les doy gracias por los alimentos que proeven para mi mamá que tiene 94 años y ayudo cuidar de ella.  Pues yo tengo 75 años y nada mas tengo y dependo de el seguro social para ayudarme contibuir con lo que pueda.  Que dios bendiga a cada persona que esta envuelta en esta asociacion.   Gracias, Mauri M.

Thank you for helping my brother transition.  He was taken care of in his last days.   Mike.