Over 500,000 trips annually to local qualified residents.

right Our success in the development of nutrition programs for seniors coupled with the strides made in fomenting relationships with local cities, created opportunities for further program expansion. In the mid-1980s,  Oldtimers Foundation partnered with the City of South Gate to provide transportation services for seniors through the initiation of the first Senior Dial-a-Ride program in the area. The high demand and success of this program set the foundation for Oldtimers to provide Dial-a-Ride and Fixed Route Services with the cities of Artesia, Huntington Park, and South Gate; making Oldtimers a leader in transportation services for seniors in the Southeast area of Los Angeles County. Currently, Oldtimers provides free Dial-a-Ride service for seniors and the disabled to enable them to attend doctor's appointments, do their daily shopping and other daily needs where mobility is essential. Our Fixed Route service provides access to transportation for various members of our community for a low fare.  We currently assist with 500,000 trips annually to residents which rely on local transportation to have their needs met.